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The black swan represents an insight about yourself that changes your position from shame to empowerment. Let's connect and see if trauma-focused therapy is right for you.
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Hello! My name is Niko, nice to virtually meet you. I'm a multicultural (He/Him/His) counselor who provides trauma-focused therapy to teens (15+) and young adults in Oregon and Washington. I work best with other multicultural and marginalized individuals- especially those who have been impacted by intergenerational trauma, racism, childhood trauma and addiction. What is therapy with me like? Many of our early emotional wounds are relational. Whether that be through the lack of something we needed, or the addition of something we didn't. Our care takers, significant others, friends and classmates may have taught us something about ourselves which we accepted as normal in order to fit in, exist or survive. With this is mind, I focus deeply on building a strong, caring and respectful relationship with you. I invite you to bring all parts of yourself into our work together- however complex, shameful or scary they may be. My hope is that our relationship can be a blueprint to help you connect to that love within yourself. If our relationship holds these elements, healing can take place. As we get to know each other, we can also explore options of altered states that can help catalyze your healing. Through personal and professional experience, I find these methods to be far more powerful than traditional talk therapy. -EMDR, a well researched treatment that uses eye movements or tapping to help you process traumatic memories that may be "stuck" in your mind and body. - Psychedelic integration to set healing intentions for your journey. Then, provide you with the vital support to help make sense of your experience. -Somatic focused or mindfulness therapy to help you calm your mind and reconnect to your body. -I also specialize in addiction counseling so we can talk openly about how addiction has affected you. We can set compassionate goals for yourself while we work alongside your trauma. About Me "What are you?" was a question I quickly became accustomed to growing up in the Pacific Northwest. With roots in Pacific Island/Chamoru, Irish and Armenian heritage, there is no clean box for me to check. This question has been a lifelong journey in understanding who I am in the context of others, and more importantly how I define myself. I hope to work with others who are embarking on their own cultural journey and are seeking deeper answers to questions about themselves. I graduated with my MA at Lewis and Clark College- a nationally accredited mental health and addiction program. I have conducted qualitative research with psychedelic medicines (see youtube link below) and am currently being supervised by Dr. Peter Addy- a psychedelic researcher and psychotherapist. I graduated with my BA from the University of Puget Sound, majoring in Psychology. During that time, I completed qualitative research in Samoa, Fiji and Hawaii. I have about 8 years of experience working in community mental health and suicide prevention. Most recently, I've provided supervision for Master's level clinicians on the Veteran's Crisis Line. I was also a supervisor for crisis trained teens who answered calls and texts on the Oregon Youth Line. I've also worked as a trauma-focused therapist at natural health clinic in Vancouver, WA and a community based clinic in Salem. Fees and Services I am not accepting insurance at this time but can provide you with a superbill for reimbursement. Please contact your insurance provider directly to see if they will support out of network (OON) providers. This allows us to work free from diagnosis and time restrictions. In the spirit of Chamoru culture, please know that I will put a percentage of your full fee directly towards opening up more sliding scale slots (*currently full*) for BIPOC and other marginalized groups. If you'd like to apply for a sliding scale slot- financial hardship applications are available per request. I am primarily offering Telehealth services at this time. If you're sick of screens, I also offer wilderness therapy for those in the Portland area! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me about a free 20 minute consult! Take care.
Niko McGee
Professional Counselor Associate, LMHCA CADC-r
  • Trauma
  • PTSD
  • Substance Use
  • Psychedelic Integration
  • Multicultural Concerns
  • Intergenerational Trauma
  • Abuse Survivors
  • Racial Identity
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Vicarious Trauma
  • Anxiety
  • Depression


  • Anti-Racist
  • Attachment-Based
  • Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR)
  • Somatic Focused
  • Motivational Interviewing


  • 60 Minute Telehealth/Wilderness: $120
  • 90 Minute Wilderness: $150
  • 60 Minute Professional Consult: $75
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